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Taekwondo groups in sports complex Victory Sport

Sport13 February 2014

On the 15 of February at 3 p.m. a meeting with a taekwondo coach Aleksey Ryabov will be organized in sports complex “Victory Sport”.

“Our clients often asked us to organize a group of taekwondo,- said the director of sports complex “Victory sport” Ekaterina Pigareva.-“So, we invited  Aleksey Ryabov, the skilled professional for our first meeting.”


N.B. Aleksey Ryabov is a coach of a high degree, a founder and a president of Taekwondo federation in Sverdlovskaya region, regional category referee, a winner of the first championship of Russia and a Cup of Russia, silver prize winner of the USSR, a winner of a “black belt”, a master of sport of 4 dank.


Enlistment in the group begins since 5 years old without age limit. On the 15 of February groups for children boys/girls will be formed and for adults as well. Moreover, we invite grown - ups for individual lessons! Individual lessons and in groups will be held three times a week.

The cost of a group lesson is 250 rubles.


The first meeting with the coach is on the 15 February- free!

Details on the phone : 8 (922) 2102060, (343) 330-57-14.


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