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Pipelines and networks in Nikolin Klyuch were adopted by State house building control committee

Business7 February 2014

MC “AVS Development” got documents which confirmed technical compliance of pipelines and networks built in the cottage village “Nikolin Klyuch”. Networks and houses were adopted by the committee of a State House building control administration in Sverdlovsk region. The total area of the houses is more than 6 000sq m and the length of pipelines is more than 10 km.


“The quality of networks in our village is one of its cogent advantages. At first, all the pipelines are centralized. The housemates don’t depend on a desire of neighbours. The territory of the village is of a high level of a sanitary state. There is no “unpleasant neighborhood” with a cranny or dumb well. At second, water supply is artesian well, it means that all the population of the village is provided with the purest water. At third, purification works are being operated out of the village according to Czech technology, it is simply unique”, said a commercial director MC “AVS Development” Lev Tetin.


Today the owners have already settled four cottages and five flats in the townhouses of “Nikolin Klyuch”. One family celebrated New Year’s Day in 2014 in their own house.


A month ago the streets of “Nikolin Klyuch” got their names and the houses their numbers. Now the people of the village can be registered in streets Biryuzovaya, khrustalnaya, Nikolina, Rodnikovaya, Granatovaya, Samotzvetnaya, Malakhitovaya and in the lane Izumrudny.


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