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Lyudmila Skachilova: Yekaterinburg will be a leader of home tourism among Russian cities

Business5 February 2014

Excursions about the Urals have always been in demand. However, recently it has been a real outburst due to dramatic increasing of tourist number. The favorable location of the city was confirmed in December: annual rating of the most popular cities for home tourism shows that  Yekaterinburg is on the 5 position.


-Excursions about the Urals help to get a set of touristic service for a short period of time: rest, entertainment and cognitive aspect,- said Lyudmila Skachilova, the director of Touristic Agency “Forsage+”- On the first position in the rating of the most popular excursions about the Urals there is a trip to the hot springs in Tyumen, especially in winter. The cost is 3 600 rubles for three-day-trip!


The excursion full of enigmas is a trip to Nevjansk and Tavolga is on the second position. It includes visits of declined tower, a cathedral of Nikolas the Wonderworker and pottery where everybody is suggested to be a master. The cost is 1 800 rubles.


Traditional sightseeing excursion about Yekaterinburg is on the third place is from 300 rubles per man.


It is wonderful that just Russian people are interested in Russian history. The proportion of Russian people and foreigners who order the trips is 3:1, but our experts promise that in some years Yekaterinburg will be a leader among the developed for tourism cities.


According to Federal program “The development of home and international tourism in RF in 2011-2018” about 100 billion rubles will be invested in tourism development in Russia. The investment will be divided into two parts. One part is for the most attractive investment projects for territories of the most touristic facilities; the second part is for the infra structure development: road construction, airports, hotels and camping sites.


If we are able to realize our plan by 2018 the number of tourists will increase by 6 times.


Now Yekaterinburg is one of the leaders on the number of tourists among such cities as St. Petersburg, Moscow, Sochi, Kazan. After Yekaterinburg the popular cities for tourists are N. Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Kaliningrad and Yaroslavl.


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