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Karaoke star was chosen in the Victory Hall

Business5 February 2014

Last weekend, on the 2 of February, there was a final of show “Karaoke star” in the karaoke club of “Victory Hall” (the territory of hotel-entertainment complex “AVS Hotel”).


It was an idea of Olga Golovina, jazz vocalist and art director of the complex “AVS Hotel”. During all the 2013 year all the visitors who wished to take part in this show filled up a form. The finalists were defined every month.


The winners of the competition were chosen by famous specialists in karaoke: an actor Vitaly Krayev, the public relations vice president Aleksey Glazyrin.


The first place- Alekzander Voitenko (a prize is an unlimited ticket to karaoke club for a year)

The second place – Gennady Spiridonov (a prize is unlimited ticket to karaoke club for 6 months)

The third place – Tatjana Laiva (a prize is an unlimited ticket to karaoke club for 3 months).


Olga Golovina, the organizer of the project, noted that the level of the participants were higher than it was waited. “Karaoke is very popular in Yekaterinburg. It can be judged for the number of visitors of the club. This competition will go on. Next preliminary round will start in “Victory Hall” in March. We are waiting for all wishers!” said Olga Golovina.


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