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We constantly widen and diversify our business to satisfy comprehensively the needs of our customers. We aspire to suggest the service or
the product to our customer before he realizes the need in it, because we pass ahead the time and guess beforehand the wishes of the customers.


With the open heart we accept those people who share our valuables and opinions about business. We respect our partners and form up our relations on the base of perfect fulfillment of mutual obligations and realization of interests from each side.


We are for honest and open competition  and aspire to be in a step forward of our rivals. Studying the experience and achievements of our
competitors we obtain valuable information for the development of our business.


We want every our collaborator, from Director to worker, to understand its place and predestination in «AVS Group», to feel confidence in the future and  work with efficiency and pleasure. Therefore, we set up realizable tasks for the staff and help them to achieve better results.


"AVS Group" trust their managers and delegate the privilege to those who want to self-realize in work and  life. We monitor and govern the
career of our collaborators and offer everybody the opportunity for the official and professional growth according to one's abilities and
creative potential.


We highly appreciate in our staff the ability to work productively and the readiness to be responsible for the taken decision. We encourage the ability for initiative, innovation and independence.


We realize that we should share with State the responsibility to take care about the citizens with the State and to provide adequate life level for the population. That is why we do what we can in order to help in realization of socially significant projects and events. Our activity helps our country to become strong and competitive in the world wide market.


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